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For over 30 years Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC. has been creating beautiful ice sculptures in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. We create ice sculptures blockbuster movies, Presidential affairs, and tens of thousands of customers just like you. It does not matter if our client is Universal Studios, HBO, or an event that a US President is attending, we always put the same love and care into every sculpture. We pride ourselves on consistent top quality work and guarantee complete satisfaction with every sculpture no matter how big or small. Unlike other ice sculptors in the area, every photo that you see on our website was sculpted by Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC.

If you can dream it we can make it out of ice. Man has been building enormous structures from ice for hundreds of years. Today you can go to an ice lounge where everything is made from ice including walls, tables, chairs, bars, and even shelves. Our largest ice sculpture to date was a 40-foot long food bar sculpted 45+ 300 pound blocks of ice and included specially carved vessels to hold the many types of food. We have also created a 10,000 pound Ice castle for the breast cancer foundation, a 9000-pound lion, and a shoe for Nike that weighed in just over 6000 pounds.

Most people do not realize just how long it takes for an ice sculpture to melt. It can take many hours to notice that an ice sculpture is melting. Details are the first to disappear but shapes can often take days to completely melt away. I’m often asked if it bothers me to see my art disappear. My response is always the same, “I’m happy as along as people get to appreciate it while it is here, besides memories will stay with us for a lifetime.” It’s just part of the romance of an ice sculpture.

Presidential Ice Sculptures

Presidential Ice Sculptures

Not only have we provided ice sculptures for three sitting U.S. Presidents, but we can be found on the set of many Presidential Films. Check out National Treasure 2 where Nicolas Cage walks in front of one of Nice Hot Ice Sculptures’s.

Hand Carved Ice Sculptures

Hand Carved Ice Sculptures

Bob Roberts of Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC has been providing hand-carved ice sculptures since 1985 and winning national awards ever since. Because every piece of beautiful man-made art is unique you can rest assured that any request is on the table.

CNC Ice Sculptures

CNC Ice Sculptures

CNC machines have the ability to easily reproduce intricate company logos and themed pieces that do not lend themselves to hand carving. We often integrate both hand carved ice with computer cut pieces to create unique yet precise ice sculptures not found anywhere else.

Ice Sculpture For Movie Events

Ice Sculpture For Movie Events

Sure our regular clients have included over thousands of hotels, caterers & private clubs. But did you know that Hollywood Movies by Universal Studios and the hit HBO series The Wire feature ice sculptures hand-carved by Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC?

Ice Sculpture Pricing

Ice Sculpture Pricing

Ice sculpture pricing starts at $150.00. Delivery & setup including a drain box start at $100.00; lighting is additional. Our premium package includes a crystal ice bowl or diamond luge for only $125.00 or save $50.00 on the second sculpture.

Award Winning Ice Sculptures

Award Winning Ice Sculptures

For over 30 years Bob Roberts has been providing award winning ice sculptures. We’ve worked on block buster films, presidential affairs, and tens of thousands of clients just like you. Call Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC. today for more information on our magical ice sculptures.

What Makes Us Different

Over the last 15 years, the ice sculpture industry has come to rely on CNC machines, to produce ice sculptures. CNC machines can easily reproduce intricate details like those found in company logos and themed pieces that do not lend themselves to hand carving. Constructing ice bars, food displays, and very cool multiple block sculptures become a breeze. However, there are many companies across the nation and even locally that lean heavily on the use of CNC machines. They are great for churning out highly profitable replicas of previously designed ice sculptures. Though you can quickly and easily create ice sculptures with CNC machines, the results tend to be a bit flat, like etched glass and no match for the crystal-like three-dimensional beauty of a hand-carved ice sculpture.

Traditional hand-carved ice sculptures require experienced top-notch craftsmen that many ice sculpting companies don’t have on staff. Many cool things can be done with CNC machines and it can take a bit of creative ability to create computer-aided designs, but they will never have the same wow factor. When necessary we mate the two ice sculpting processes to create unique yet precise hybrid sculptures. Besides logos, ice bars, and hybrid sculptures we also offer machined sculptures as an affordable option to those on a strict budget. But for a truly one-of-a-kind show stopper ask for a hand-carved ice sculpture.

Ice Luge Icon

Ice Luges

Liven up any occasion with a tailored ice luge to dispense your favorite cocktails.

Wedding Ice Sculptures Icon

Wedding Ice Sculptures

Leave no detail untouched on your wedding day, mark the occasion with an ice sculpture.

Corporate Ice Sculptures Icon

Corporate Ice Sculptures

Increase brand awareness while leaving an indelible impression on you guest.

Ice Bars Icon

Ice Bars

Elevate any event with a customized ice bar that is sure to blow away your guest.

Ice Sculptures For Events Icon

Ice Sculptures For Events

Raise the bar for your next event, add an ice sculpture for unforgettable memories.

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Ice Sculptures

Nice Hot Ice Sculptures LLC. offers a variety of professionally carved ice sculptures for any occasion.

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